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Strategic consulting for business innovation

Naìma is a strategic consultancy braintrust that brings together experts from different branches: Design, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Big Data, Human Resources … they all have in common a goal: to help companies win the Innovation challenge through an approach that goes far beyond the implementation of new technological solutions, to check at personal and organizational development inside and outside the company, to build a market approach aimed not only at obtaining economic results, but at increasing the value of the company and to find a better quality of work and life.

“Devote your entire will power to mastering one thing at a time; do not scatter your energies, nor leave something half done to begin a new venture”

Paramahansa Yogananda, The Law of Success

Naìma: New Abilities, Ideas and Markets

Why choose Naìma for Business Innovation


A different approach to business consulting

Unlike other consultancies, all Naìma experts are entrepreneurs and freelancers who work in their own companies. In other words, they do not live by giving good advice to others, but they apply the principles of strategic consulting and business innovation in their daily working life, on their projects and alongside their direct clients.

For this reason, Naìma can give your company quickly and efficiently the best contributions on the most innovative themes, already tested “in the field”.


Innovation in the company: the value chain

Every important change comes from within: this is valid for individuals as well as for businesses. This is why the path of strategic advice proposed by Naìma starts from within your organization, actively involving each department, from production to human resources; from there, through the direct involvement of the marketing department and sales networks, we accompany the innovative process up towards the reference market, the current customer companies and especially searching for new commercial targets.

Particular attention is given to the impact on end customers, through communication and marketing strategies, such as ingredient branding or direct marketing strategies.


Innovation as a parameter of growth

Whoever works in business consulting must necessarily keep in mind that the business world has changed today: the partition between small, medium and large enterprise can no longer be expressed by the size of the offices, the number of employees or the zeroes of turnover. What really makes the difference are the growth objectives, the innovative purpose of the solutions proposed and the ability to generate value for themselves and for the branch.

Economic growth is a direct consequence of this new vision, a growth that looks at marginality rather than the indiscriminate increase of volumes, to build a solid and lasting perspective over time.


Strategic consulting and training in the company

Naìma accompanies enterprise on the path of innovation through two channels: strategic consultancy and in-company training. For both, we provide for a personalized approach: each consultation is targeted, each course is developed on the specific needs of the single company.


Strategic business consulting

Thanks to a team of experts specialized in various areas of business innovation, Naìma can offer a wide range of consultancy services:

  • Analysis of the development ide, its feasibility and sustainability
  • Product or service design
  • Market Trends Study
  • Strategic marketing
  • Brand Marketing and Identity
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Lean Thinking

…and lot’s more…


Professional training courses within the company

Our teachers develop training courses based on each individual company, with a duration that goes from half a day to several training days.

  • Sales force training courses
  • Ideal Customer Engagement (ICE)
  • Touch Point Excellence (TPE)
  • Key Account Management (KAM)
  • Digital marketing and training
  • Motivational Coaching

Would you like more information? Write to us: we will be glad to send you the specifications and our case studies.

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